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Almost everybody has an email account. There are over 4 billion accounts in the world at the moment and that number tends to grow. It is no wonder that email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing that allows companies to communicate their message to a very large number of people.

Companies can clearly benefit from internet marketing, and it is one of the most commonly used modern marketing tools. Statistics show that email marketing is a lot more efficient than social media marketing and it creates a higher return on investment compared to other techniques. Many compare it to direct mail marketing.

Unlike direct mail marketing, email marketing allows tracking, which means that companies are able to see how many potential customers they managed to engage, what is the conversion rate and generally, how well the recipients respond to their marketing efforts.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing Services

While it is possible to just send emails to potential customers by simply logging into the company’s email account, using an email marketing software program can enable companies to develop and execute internet marketing campaigns that will be a lot more effective.

The program can automate internet marketing, measure the success rate, i.e. the impact that the sent emails have and allow companies to group their customers into specific target groups. That in turn would allow them to market their products and services in a more accurate way. Targeted and customized emails are a lot more effective than emails which target everyone.

Common Features of Email Marketing Services

Some email marketing software solutions offer more advanced features, whereas other include only basic tools, but it can be said that you could expect most of the following features from an email marketing software solution.

  • Segmentation capabilities – Enables grouping of customers by different patterns. Customers can be grouped by demographic information like age, gender, region, but it is also possible to group them based on their previous customer behavior. 
  • Scheduling – Allows companies to schedule automatic email deliveries. It is a powerful tool as it constantly reminds customers and potential customers of the company and its products and services.
  • Email templates – Programs may include a range of different email templates which can be used when sending specific types of emails.
  • Auto responding – Some programs allow companies to create automated and triggered responses which will be sent to customers who made enquiries.
  • High volume delivery – Enables companies to send as much as thousands emails per second. It is even possible to send unique and personalized emails in large quantities.
  • Capturing and tracking – Allows businesses to capture leads from various online sources like landing pages or online forms. Software solutions also track the number of people who open the emails, click on the links included in the emails which enables companies to measure the success of every email marketing campaign.
  • Reporting – This feature is very useful, based on the reports companies are able to measure the successfulness of their campaigns.

Buying Considerations 

There are several things that every company who is buying an email marketing software program should consider.

  • Price – The price of a software solution generally depends on the amount of emails which it allows to be sent. Companies that are just sending newsletters to a limited number of customers may even use a free solution, but other businesses will have to make sure that the software package they choose enables them to send as many emails as they need. The features offered by the vendor also have an impact on the price. Understandably, more advanced systems with more complex features tend to be more expensive.
  • Level of customization – Companies that need to send the same materials to all of their clients should only be concerned with the number of emails the program allows them to send, but companies who want to send customized and personalized emails, will need to check if a particular software solution gives them that possibility.
  • Integration – Companies that are already using software solutions for different aspects of their business, like customer relations management (CRM) will definitely want their email marketing software program to be integrated with their CRM software. Also, if a company wants their employees to be able to access the mobile marketing software from their mobile devices will definitely prefer a software solution with mobile capabilities, perhaps even a native mobile app.
  • Optimization – In addition to enabling its employees to access the program from their mobile devices, companies are aware that many of their customers open emails on their mobile phones and tablets. They would benefit from a program that can optimize emails and make them more readable on mobile devices. Furthermore, if the plan is to connect email marketing with the company’s social media presence it is good to find a program that will enable the incorporation of social media capabilities, like a button that will allow recipients to share content on their social media profiles.